Steamchest is an industrial machinery club. Our members are engineers, software developers, mechanics, technicians and business owners who love machines and admire the people who design, build, operate and maintain them. We honor the engineering that went into these works of art and the expertise it takes to keep them up and running. We love figuring out what makes them tick and how to tune them for business.

In the old days you had to visit a plant to learn these machines. Today we can share machinery performance data via the internet and work with each other to monitor, diagnose and improve performance in ways that were unimaginable even 5 years ago using technology invented by Google, Amazon, Microsoft and others. We now have access to inexpensive, internet connectable sensors, online collaboration tools, centralized shareable databases in the cloud, and beautiful tools for analyzing and visualizing data.

The Steamchest Machinery Club is experimenting with this technology, learning what’s possible and sharing it freely. We are cataloging machine performance in the hopes that our collective experience and our discoveries will help light industrial and small manufacturing companies reduce cost, reduce waste and improve the safe and profitable operation of shop floor machinery

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