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Brad Beach

steamchest founding member

Born and raised in Indiana, next door to Purdue University. 3rd generation engineer. Musician.

Brad persistently aims for a better way. He has success making change happen by running experiments.

Twelve years at Schlumberger Wireline taught him how to understand technology from its first principles, how to operate a high-tech service business in a complex environment, and how to function with a “dual perspective” - keep the business running today and improve for tomorrow.

One year at BiSN taught the importance of trust. Without trust nothing will go well.

Four years at Evonik has shown that while the technical details change, the principles of operating a business, making things happen, and experimenting for improvement is the same for every business and every one.

Which leads to this insight - what I’ve learned at Schlumberger, BiSN, Evonik, can be adapted to any business of any size, if only we can make the right connections to the right assets in a frictionless way.

Let’s have a conversation, aim to do something together, and see where it goes.

Heathcliff Howland

steamchest founding member